Anthropologist turned UX and Design Researcher driven by curiosity, empathy and passion.


I'm passionate about understanding the most complex, intriguing, and fascinating species on this planet- humans. I use my background in Sustainability and Anthropology to do just that and hopefully make their lives better in the process.


My friends call me the ultimate "people-person" because I love getting an inside view into people's worlds and thrive when I am able to turn these insights about the human experience into actionable results.


I have 7+ years of experience conducting research in academic and industrial contexts. I am skilled in both quantitative and qualitative methods, and consider myself an expert in ethnography. 

I've worked in a variety of roles with diverse teams around the world.  The common thread among these is that I drove large-scale, beneficial, change that was grounded in strong, people-centered research. 

  • Successful design & research must be rooted in empathy.

  • Qualitative research adds a level of depth & nuance that is invaluable to design.

  • There is no silver bullet to research; each problem requires a unique approach.

  • Research is an opportunity to empower people and improve lives.

  • Research is dynamic: Don't be afraid to refine the protocol or redefine the question.

  • Conducting research is a privilege & I truly enjoy being welcomed into people's lives.


Learn more about the work I've done and the key roles research has played. 

Social Impact E-Commerce
Challenge: Increase purchase conversions on newly re-launched e-commerce site.

Team and Duration: I am the sole researcher on a 6 person start-up team. Working closely with designers, marketing, developers and CEO, this is an ongoing research project to continually improved the Brightly Co.'s online presence.
Ecotourism for Peruvian Indigenous
Challenge: Prove value of Indigenous land via ecotourism to prevent encroachment by loggers.
Outcome: The community council agreed to support ecotourism development to protect their land, ecotourist satisfaction best practices were established and plans for trail development at new ecolodge were provided.
Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean
Challenge: Draft long term sustainable tourism development plan that invests stakeholders.
Outcomes: The Sustainability Council has led to policy development, multiple sustainable tourism trainings, community outreach, an immediate and long term sustainable tourism development vision and international recognition via blogs, conferences and news profiles.
Pre-Gaming Habits on Campuses
Challenge: Understand why college students overdrink, especially "pre-gaming," & how to prevent.
Outcome: Alternative social and drinking education programs were suggested to the University based on findings to address the motives behind pre-gaming.
Galápagos Education & Conservation
Leading College Sophomores and Alumni on an immersive learning expedition in the Galápagos Islands to understand the necessary relationship between evolution and conservation.
Achieving Goals in Delta Classrooms
Teaching secondary science to over 600 student in the Arkansas Delta. Inspiring students and empowering communities to set goals and achieve extraordinary growth both inside and outside the classroom.
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[Annette] is dedicated, a self-starter, and excels in interpersonal communication. She understands what needs to be done and can read between the lines to accomplish the task with grace.  She shines when given responsibilities and independence. Annette is a joy to work with and I would be thrilled to work with her again.

S. Oberdorf

Palantir Technologies

[Annette] is passionate, organized, and a fantastic member of a team. She knows how to set a vision, plan backwards, invest others, execute effectively, and continually reflect and grow. I give her my highest recommendation!

H. McCollester

Teach for America

Annette is committed to strengthening the world around her and will relentlessly succeed!

L. Prahl

Aurora Consulting, LLC

[Annette] is an exemplar when thinking about strong management. Her ability to build strong relationships played a vital role in her success as well. Simply put, she is a win for any team or company.

S. Crosier


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More About Me:

A native New Mexican, I have been lucky to live in and be immersed in the cultures of some of the coolest places in the world. When I'm not "anthropologizing," I'm knitting gifts for friends, trying to find good Mexican food, singing my heart out, and hiking with my pup, Bella.  

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